Love Island Fans Reckon Luke M Is Set To Pick Shaughna - Despite 'Proof' He Doesn't Fancy Her

With another dumping on the cards for Friday night, it looks like the decision as to who stays and who goes rests in the hands of Luke M. With Shaughna Phillips, Demi Jones and Casa Amor’s Natalia Zoppa the only single ladies in the villa, fans reckon they’ve worked out who’s going home…

We’re getting towards the end of this winter’s series of Love Island, and the majority of the Islanders seem to be pretty secure in their couples. Whilst Finn and Paige are the only ones to have officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, Siânnise and Luke T, Mike and Priscilla, Jess and Ched and Callum and Molly all seem to be pretty secure in their couplings too.

Meanwhile, Luke M is currently in a couple with Natalia, who he met in Casa Amor, but she put an end to their romance by admitting she didn’t fancy him earlier this week. He’s since shared a kiss with Demi – but was floored when Shaughna suddenly admitted her feelings for him on Thursday night.

New boy Jamie has also been vying for the three single ladies’ attentions. Whilst Shaughna has told him she’s not interested, he’s been getting to know both Demi and Natalia since his arrival in the villa. Now, fans reckon he’ll cause upset if he gets to pick before Luke M by choosing to couple up with Demi – leaving Luke forced to couple up with Shaughna.

However, fans are convinced that there’s no chance of a romance between Luke M and Shaughna, as they took to Twitter to slam their lack of chemistry and ‘dreadful’ chat. On the other hand, Luke certainly didn’t rule out the possibility of a romance with Shaughna, describing his head as ‘scrambled’.

Demi safe?

The good news for Demi fans is that it looks like she’s safe no matter what! It will all come down to who gets to pick first at the recoupling tonight – if Luke M goes first, he’s likely to pick Demi. Jamie will then be left with the choice between Shaughna and Natalia – and since Shaughna has already pied him, he’ll surely go for Natalia. On the other hand, if Jamie picks Demi first, Luke M will likely go with Shaughna since he was pied by Natalia.

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