Jennifer Aniston was almost beaten to the part of Rachel by a totally different actress

For all fans of the series, Rachel in Friends is none other than Jennifer Aniston, but another actress was up for the role as well. Check out the video above to see what Rachel almost looked like...

The actress Tiffani Thiessen also auditioned for the role of Rachel in Friends. Whilst she could have been chosen for the part, there was one small detail that meant she couldn’t play Ross’ girlfriend.

Saved by the Bell!

As a guest on the American radio show SiriusXM, Tiffani Thiessen revealed something quite interesting whilst on air on You Up With Nikki Glaser on 1st October 2018. She confessed to having auditioned for the biggest cult seriesof the 90s!

When the cast had been chosen, the producer nicely told her that she couldn’t get the part, because she was too young to play Rachel. The casting directors were looking for anactress who was a little bit older, which is why they settled for Jennifer Aniston, who was five years older than Tiffani Thiessen.

Even if this role could have changed her life, the actress did manage to secure the best role of her career shortly afterwards. After having made her debut in another sitcom in 1989 called Saved by the Bell in which she played Kelly Kapowski, the actress then joined the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 in their fifth season in 1994, after Shannen Doherty left the show. She then got an important part in White Collar from 2009 to 2014. Today, Tiffani Thiessen is still acting in TV series, including on Alexa & Katie, which is available on Netflix.

In the meantime, a Friends reunionhas been rumoured for many years now. It could soon become a reality, however! Recent reports are saying that the main cast has signed on for one more episode, to be broadcast on HBO Max.

This Is The Real Reason Jennifer Aniston Was Almost Written Out Of Friends This Is The Real Reason Jennifer Aniston Was Almost Written Out Of Friends