Is There Beef? Tommy Fury Drops Bombshells On IG Video Ranking Fellow Islanders

Is There Beef? Tommy Fury Drops Bombshells On IG Video Ranking Fellow Islanders

Tommy Fury took to Instagram to respond to some of the most hotly demanded questions that fans have had about his relationship with Molly-Mae, his former fellow Islanders, as well as his love life before the show!

Tommy Fury is quickly becoming one of the most recognisable names to come out of the most recent series of Love Island… however we’re sure it helps a little bit that his brother is one of Britain’s top boxers.

Despite not winning the series and finishing as runner-ups to Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea, the couple has been the centre of heaps of news stories and been consistently in the public eye. Tommy's even considering dropping boxing and focusing full-time on his new TV career.

Thanks to his new found success, Tommy Fury was recently named one of boohooMAN’s newest collaborators, getting his own collection featuring sportwear, t-shirts, puffy jackets, and more.

In celebration of his newest line, boohooMAN decided to feature him in an interview in which the idea is simple: he either reponds to some seriously awkward questions, or eats some grotty food combinations.

While he did end up opting for some of the gross food choices, he also did happen to respond to some of the more burning questions we’ve had… and may have just revealed some drama between the former Islanders.

Check the full video above for the unedited version, or check out our montage of all of the best responses at the top! Think you’ve got an idea of who his least favourite series 5 Islander was?

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