India Reynolds Slams Trolls Who Body-Shamed Molly Mae
India Reynolds Slams Trolls Who Body-Shamed Molly Mae
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India Reynolds Slams Trolls Who Body-Shamed Molly Mae

After Molly Mae Hague fell victim to some particularly nasty trolls this week, her former Love Island co-star India Reynolds has spoken out to defend her and condemn body-shaming.

Molly Mae Hague and her boyfriend Tommy Fury have been making the most of the relaxed travel restrictions by jetting off for a break in Spain this week. However, Molly Mae's holiday has been marred by some nasty trolling online.

The 21-year-old influencer took to her own Twitter to call out the nasty comments on a paparazzi photo of her in a bikini. Trolls had called her 'lardy' and said she needed to go on a diet.

Retweeting a screenshot of the nasty comments, Molly Mae wrote: 'I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments? Like how can you actually write shit like that and sleep at night? Beyond me'.

Now, Molly Mae's co-star India Reynolds has also spoken out to defend her from the trolls, as well as to slam the toxic body-shaming culture in our society that is a danger to all of us.

Speaking about the issue India said:

Molly is young; at 21 you don't need people saying horrible things about your body. I feel really, really sorry for her. She wasn't expecting the photos to be taken; of course she looks different in a pose.
By Eric Allen

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