Friends explained: Here's why we could always see Rachel’s nipples

Friends is probably one of the most popular American sitcoms in history, and we all have a little anecdote to tell about the series.

If there's one thing that can unite every on this planet, it's our love of Friends. Even decades after first airing, the series is immensely popular and still has us talking. Even after several binge-watches, we're still picking up on little details we didn't see the first time around...

What did fans remember the most about the show?

Some will rememberPhoebe’s weird songs and others will remember Joey’s lame pick up lines, but the guys who watched it when they were young will undoubtedly remember Rachel’s nipples.

Even today, Jennifer and the rest of her former castmates are close!

The mystery solved?

Given how visible they are made, it is pretty impossible to miss Rachel’s pointy nipples under her shirt. It was so obvious that you would think the character, played by Jennifer Aniston, never wore a bra. But a theory has recently surfaced at the hands of some eagle-eyed fans that may have cracked the case wide open.

And to think we almost got a version of Friends where Jennifer Aniston wasn't playing Rachel... can you imagine that?

Check out the video and find out the theory that may finally answer one of our most burning questions!

Apparently The Friends Cast Weren't As Friendly As They Always Seemed... Apparently The Friends Cast Weren't As Friendly As They Always Seemed...