EastEnders’ Maisie Smith And Zack Morris Reveal The Truth About Their Off-Screen Relationship

Maisie Smith and Zack Morris, who play teenage married couple Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker on EastEnders, have spoken out about rumours surrounding their real-life relationship. Many fans had speculated that the pair had fallen for each other in real life.

They may only be teenagers but Tiff and Keegan may be one of the most solid soap couples there is right now. The Butcher-Bakers tied the knot in a surprise elopement late last year – and apparently Maisie Smith and Zack Morris, who play the loved-up youngsters, have been growing closer ever since.

The young actors are said to have gotten especially close at the EastEnders 35th anniversary cast party on Saturday night. An insider source reportedly told the MailOnline that they ‘were the only cast members to share the same cab home together after the party on Saturday night.’

The source continued: ‘They couldn't resist showing their affections for each other, with Maisie tickling the back of Zack's neck as they left the party. Romance blossomed as their characters grew closer, which only adds to their chemistry on-screen. They're adorable together and the rest of the cast think it's really sweet they've connected in this way.’

However, both Maisie and Zack have spoken out to rubbish the rumours of an off-screen romantic relationship between them – insisting that whilst they’ve grown close, there’s nothing more than friendship there. Maisie confirmed to the Mail:

‘I film most of my scenes with Zack, naturally we've built a great friendship. Nothing but mates.’

Whilst judging by their Instagram feeds, both stars seem to be currently single, 21-year-old Zack told much the same story as Maisie, as he also denied the romance rumours, saying:

‘The majority of our filming days are spent together, so we have grown closer as friends. But nothing more than that.’
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