Dancing On Ice: Fans blame Liberty Poole's elimination on partner Joe

Dancing On Ice watchers are outraged as show favourite Liberty Poole has been axed ahead of hapless Bez after getting high scores despite an ugly fall.

After taking a horrific tumble during her evening routine, Liberty Poole has become the fourth star to be evicted from Dancing On Ice 2022.

In Sunday's skate-off, the Love Island star and her professional partner Joe competed against Kye and Tippy. Three of the show's four judges opted to send the latter to week six. However, viewers were dissatisfied that Liberty had been sent home over Bez, who had a weak performance and received a score of 19.5 out of 40 on the show, with one remarking on social media:

Absolutely ridiculous that Liberty left tonight. It's a popularity contest not based on skating.

Unfair eviction

On Sunday's Dancing On Ice, Liberty fell during her routine, which was inspired by rollercoasters, one of her favourite pastimes. During her week five performance, she was whizzing around the rink with her professional partner Joe Johnson when a lift failed and they both fell to the ice. Despite this, the former Love Island contestant received a score of 28—her highest of the tournament so far. After watching both pairs perform, Ashley Banjo said:

That was tough. It was really close, I'm gonna go with the performance I enjoyed slightly more, and that was Kye and Tippy.

Putting her vote behind Liberty, Oti Mabuse said:

I want for both of you to do well. I'm going to go with the performance I believe was stronger, and that's Liberty and Joe.

And so both the judges Jayne Torvill and Judge Christopher Dean opted for Kye and Tippy too. Liberty gushed to broadcasters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield after learning her destiny and said:

Even though we had that fall tonight, I've enjoyed every second and I want to thank everyone behind the scenes and my mum for being in the audience every week. She is my rock.

Outraged fans

Liberty Poole has been a fan favourite—fans were enraged when Kye and Tippy’s grades were read out. Fans went to social media to vent their wrath at partner Joe, who supposedly slid up on the ice, causing a social media frenzy. Kieran Couston wrote:

Pretty sure he was the one who took her out #DancingOnIce.

Another fan agreed:

It looked like Joe was the one who slipped taking her with him #DancingOnIce.

And another added:

His skate went into Liberty's which knocked her and then he fell on her #DancingOnIce.
Dancing on Ice: Fans outraged at 'rigged' elimination this week Dancing on Ice: Fans outraged at 'rigged' elimination this week