Brad McLelland reunited with long-lost sister after Love Island appearance

Dumped 2021 Love Islander Brad McLelland was in for a big shock when he checked his messages after leaving the villa.

We know the drill by now—what’s waiting for most Islanders when they leave the villa is a stack of telly interviews, a PLT deal if they’re lucky or Instagram ad partnerships for car air fresheners if they’re one of the more fleetingly famous Islanders.

But Brad McLelland found something else entirely when he was voted out of the Love Island villa last week... After recognising him on-screen during his time on the show, Brad’s long-lost 15-year-old half-sister reached out to him for the first time ever.

Brad reunited with half-sister

Appearing on Lorraine this week, the dumped Islander explained:

So basically, I grew up just with my nana, my dad wasn't on the scene, but I always knew that I had a younger sister. I tried to get in contact with her for years, searching social media and trying to find out who she was—I just had her name.

Brad continued:

Basically, she reached out to us, and I FaceTimed her for the first time - the first time I'd ever seen her face and heard her voice was literally just a couple of days ago... My plan is now to obviously have a relationship with her and go from there.

A different kind of love

What a heart-warming story! As Lorraine’s stand-in Ranvir Singh pointed out, Brad may not have found lasting romantic love in the villa—but it’s led to him finding a different kind of love! Whether he reunites with Lucinda after she leaves the villa or not, Brad’s definitely had a result from Love Island 2021!

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