Amber Gill Slams Lucie’s Response to Yewande Drama
Amber Gill Slams Lucie’s Response to Yewande Drama
Amber Gill Slams Lucie’s Response to Yewande Drama
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Amber Gill slams Lucie’s response to Yewande Drama

By Lola Bee

The disagreement between Lucie Donlan and Amber Gill, Yewande Biala and Amy Hart has continued as Amber hit back at Lucie’s lack of apology.

After old comments that resurfaced this week showed Lucie Donlan accusing Yewande Biala of ‘bullying’ her, Yewande, backed up by Love Island 2019 castmates Amber Gill and Amy Hart, revealed that Lucie had asked her if she could call her ‘Y’ because her name was ‘too hard to pronounce.’

Lucie Donlan’s response

Asking people to ‘move on from this,’ Lucie told the MailOnline:

I said on the show I had trouble pronouncing Yewande's name, it's just what I'm like. And I asked if I could use a shortened abbreviated version of her name instead as a term of endearment – there's nothing sinister to it.

In response to Lucie’s fresh comments Amber tweeted:

Btw asking someone you don't know (well)who has an ethnic name if you can call them a 'nickname' is not a term of endearment it's a micro aggression & you don’t have the right to say there is no malicious/sinister intent you just don’t do it I thought that was just common sense.

In a further tweet, Amber slammed Lucie’s failure to recognise her behaviour and apologise, saying:

I will let it go as it’s boring but you can’t comment saying 'I was doing it to use it as a term of endearment no sinister intent' you need to learn it’s actually not ok just apologise and move on.

What is a microaggression?

A microaggression is a subtle action or comment that shows prejudice towards a person from a marginalised group. Microaggressions may be reflections of conscious or unconscious racism, sexism or homophobia. Whilst they may not be intended to be malicious in nature, it’s important to recognise how harmful they can be and listen when they are called out.

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