This Woman Travelled To 91 Countries With Nothing But A Tiny Suitcase

It’s difficult to pack light when going on holiday. However, for our backpacking friends, saving space and minimising weight is essential.

Travelling with only a backpack quickly makes you realise that we don’t actually need much to live. A female traveller proved this point when she visited 91 countries with only one item of cabin baggage.

The photographer Jill Paider travelled the world to take shots of art, architecture and cuisine. Yet despite having her work equipment in tow, she only ever needed one small case.

Jill Paider explained to the magazine Travel & Leisure that it is essential to travel light as a professional because she sometimes has to use small cars or ride comfortably on the back of a motorbike.

How does she choose what to take with her?

She explained that she starts by making a list of essential items: Vitamins, medication, toiletry bag, adapters, chargers… Then she takes into account the climate of the country she is heading to, the type of place, and the events which she will be attending. After all this, it is just a process of elimination.

In order to be elegant, she takes a blouse or blazer which is a bit more stylish, because this is what people notice. For everything else, she chooses different layers of clothing (t-shirts, tank tops, shirts) which are thin and light.

And what about shoes? She chooses boots which are comfortable enough for her to be able to walk all day long, yet also to be elegant in the evening. Ultimately, the photographer only takes the essentials and nothing more.

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