Here's Why Pig Island In The Bahamas Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Here's Why Pig Island In The Bahamas Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Located in the Exumas archipelago in the Bahamas, Big Major Cay is nicknamed ‘pig island.’ You will immediately understand why…

Turquoise water, fine sand, palm trees... Big Major Cay is a real little paradise. But this deserted island located in the Exumas archipelago in the Bahamas also has a rather unusual peculiarity. About twenty pigs live there in complete freedom. Not really shy, they do not hesitate to go to greet tourists, which can sometimes cause some surprising encounters, as you can see in this video!

Several possible origins

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It is not known exactly how these little animals arrived on the island but several theories have been put forward. A popular theory is that travellers abandoned them there a few centuries ago. According to another rumour, a ship was wrecked and the pigs escaped and swam to the nearest land mass.

A real attraction

‘Because people often give them food, the pigs naturally swim around the boats to get food but also to greet them. It is quite strange to see the pigs on these white, sandy tropical beaches. But seeing them swim in the water against the current to get to the boats is simply exceptional,’ says photographer Eric Cheng who recently went to photograph this strange pig island.

Check out the video above to see more of Pig Island! 

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