From Giraffes To Ice Castles - Welcome To The World's Most Unusual Hotels

Incredible but true! Check out these exceptional hotels that all have a unique concept. Made of ice, in the middle of nature, among the giraffes, on a mountainside... Watch the video to see them all!

1 - Attrap'Rêves - Allauch, France

Six bubbles out in the middle of nowhere.

2 - The Cols Pavellons - Olot, Spain

A crystal hotel. If you’re looking for privacy this is not the place for you. Here you can admire the architectural prowess! Moreover, the architect won the Pritzker award for the design of this hotel.

3 - Crane Hotel Faralda - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The hotel is at the top of a crane! Who will dare to stay here for a night?

4 - Free Spirit Spheres - Vancouver, Canada

Live like Tarzan & Jane in this sphere housed among the treetops. To access it, take the small staircase...

5 - Natura Vive - Cusco, Peru

A hotel hung on the side of a mountain! Feel like staying here? To access this nest, you will have to climb or take the zip line!

6 - Ice Hotel - Quebec, Canada

44 rooms entirely built of snow and ice. You can also check out the impressive ice chapel.

7 - Spitbank Fort - Portsmouth, England

138 years old, this fort welcomes you for an exceptional experience. This former fort has become a luxury hotel.

8 - Treebones Resort - Big Sur, California

Sleep in a human-sized nest overlooking the ocean.

9 - Nine Hours - Kyoto, Japan

The capsule of the future for science fiction fans!

10 - Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Kenya

The giraffes circulate freely in the park and stretch their long necks through the windows of the hotel so you can feed them!

Check out the video above to see more of the world's most incredible hotels for yourself!

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