Firefighter says this is the one thing parents must always do at night

A firefighter educates parents about the one thing that can keep their children safe at night. One simple gesture could save lives in case of a fire.

It's no secret that an accident can happen very quickly. This is the case with fires, which can break out for various domestic causes and devastate a home in just a few minutes. If you make sure to be the prepared to the best of your ability to avoid this kind of situation, like with the obligation to install smoke detectors in the UK, nothing is 100% certain. Despite it all, some simple everyday actions could well save lives like those of your children.

One door may be enough

This advice comes from an American firefighter from the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department in New York State. The man is used to giving fire risk awareness sessions. And according to him, closing the door to your children's room can save their lives if a fire breaks out while everyone is asleep.

He then wanted to show the veracity of his words by posting on Facebook the images of two doors which were taken following an intervention. One is charred and the other an immaculate white. At first glance, they have nothing in common with each other. And yet, these pictures are indeed of the same door. The image on the left is the side where the fire spread and the image on the right is the side on the interior of the room that was protected by the door.

As a parent it’s hard to convince little kids to sleep with the door closed, they always want it open just a little. I...

Posted by Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sometimes difficult

This way, this firefighter tries to convince as many children as possible when travelling to schools, to get them to sleep with the door closed. Something that can sometimes prove difficult for them if they are afraid, or even difficult for the most worried of parents. They can easily convince themselves to leave the door ajar, even just a little. Still, with this efficient demonstration, we'll bet that many have adjusted their habits.

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