This Discounted H&M Bikini For Curvy Girls Is A Bestseller

This Discounted H&M Bikini For Curvy Girls Is A Bestseller

Marina Llorca, a plus-size graphic designer, has revolutionized social networks with a picture where she looks amazing in a bargain H&M bikini.

Sometimes we feel like our bodies are inadequate, or that they don't fit the "beauty standards" put in place by society. But given that brands and magazines have been shifting the focus to showing real people with curves, stretch marks and saggy skin, things must be starting to change, right?

This is what H&M did. They wanted to showcase all kinds of beauty, so they chose a curvy Spanish girl, who looks beautiful in an H&M bikini.

This is the story of Marina Llorca, a graphic designer who lives between Madrid and Marbella. Marina regularly posts pictures of herself, posing very sexily in bikinis and swimsuits, on Instagram. In one of them, she's wearing a red bikini that looks great on her.

The company saw the picture of Marina posing on the beach in her bikini, and they asked her if she would like the snapshot to be a part of the brand's marketing campaign. Of course, she said yes. And you can now see her on H&M's official Instagram page!

The picture already has more than 500,000 'likes' and conveys a very clear, positive message: there is no greater show of self-love than loving your body as is, because there is no perfect body we should all aspire to have.

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In the video, we'll show you the flattering bikini Marina Llorca wore!

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