Could Music Be The Key To Successful Relationships?

Does music have the power to impact how we interact with others? Researchers have revealed the incredible effect which music can have on the brain.

Even before being considered to be a form of art, music was viewed as a medium of communication. And this is no mere coincidence…

Scientists maintain that music is above all else a social activity which enables people to communicate with one another and to convey their emotions. A recent study showed how listening to music produces the same effect on the brain as that of eating and partaking in extreme sports, stimulating parts of the brain associated with our so-called ‘neural reward-system’ and encouraging the expression of our emotions.

A neuronal stimulator

Capable of stimulating brain plasticity by activating dopamine production, music, whatever the genre, could also be able to contribute to the restoration of neurones and to improve neuronal function by facilitating the flow of information. This increased neuronal activity could help us to boost our communication skills and consequently enable us to form stronger bonds with others.

Such information suggests that music could actually be so powerful that it could be used following a brain injury, stroke, or when a patient is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, in order to help dopamine production and the restoration of neurones.

Knowing all this, we can't deny the importance of music when it comes to human interaction, particularly that of a romantic nature, with musical affinities very often helping two people get closer…

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