This Woman Sold Her Husband And Went Shopping With The Money

This Woman Sold Her Husband And Went Shopping With The Money

Tired of everything that her husband was doing and his constant infidelities, this woman from Kenya decided to sell him. Keep reading to find out what she invested this money in.

What this woman did recently has gone viral on all social media networks. Her name is Edna Mukwana and the story takes place in Kenya. This woman was tired of the situation she was in with her husband and decided to sell him.

One day, Edna came home and found her husband in bed with another woman, his lover. After that, her husband didn’t come home, so she made quite a drastic decision.

After thinking seriously and at length about her husband’s constant infidelities, she decided to sell him off. To do this, she got in contact with his lover and offered her a deal.

The deal was that in exchange for her leaving her husband, his lover had to pay her a sum of money: 2,000 shillings (around £12). This isn’t a lot of money for us, but in Kenya, this was quite a good deal.

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His lover accepted although she didn’t give her two thousand shillings, but 1,700. But Edna wasn’t too bothered about not receiving the full amount, because it was still enough for her to go shopping and buy her children clothes for the New Year.

Check out the video above for the rest of the details.

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