This Teacher Copied Her Student’s Hairstyle For The Most Beautiful Reason

This Teacher Copied Her Student’s Hairstyle For The Most Beautiful Reason

A teacher from Texas decided to copy her student’s haircut to support her in the most beautiful way.

At age 5, Priscilla Perez, a student at Meador Elementary School, was a victim of school bullying because of her 'boyish' haircut. The jokes began to be a burden on her, so much so that she hid her hair with a hat: ‘I did not insist on anything, but after a few weeks, she felt comfortable saying that she wanted to go back to her long hair,' said Shannon Grimm, her teacher.

Victim of harassment because of her haircut

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Shannon Grimm noticed that Priscilla Perez was no longer concentrating in her classes, and that she regularly started to cry, which worried her greatly. She then found out that the jokes started when she changed hairstyles, so she explained to her class that some girls had short hair, and some boys could have long hair.

Seeing that the teasing had not stopped, Shannon Grimm decided to get exactly the same haircut as Priscilla Perez to support her. Thanks to this wonderful initiative, the 5-year-old girl found the smile that she had lost. To help her out, she even received the title of student of the month! To thank her teacher, Priscilla offered her the ‘medal of the hero.’ Faced with this beautiful gesture, the girl's mother said, ‘I was shocked, I cried, I could not believe it. She did something I would not have the courage to do. I will never forget that.’ A beautiful story that made us smile!

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• Rob Mitchell
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