This Is The Most Incredible Family Photo Ever

This Is The Most Incredible Family Photo Ever

You thought you had a big family? Wait until you see Ren Tuanjie's. This Chinese man managed to gather all 500 people in his family for a unique photo!

500 descendants of one and the same ancestor huddled together to take part in a gigantic family photo. Ren managed to get them together on January 31st for Chinese New Year. He wanted to collect data on his family, including those who had left their village.

And that's not all! If you study his family tree, it has up to 13 degrees, which represents, in all, about 1000 people over no less than seven generations. It must be quite difficult to memorize all these names!

The most incredible part is that it took more than thirty minutes for everyone to settle down and pose for the picture! The result is incredible...

• Ruby Smith
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