This gymnast went viral after performing a jaw-dropping 'perfect 10' routine

Katelyn Ohashi, a highly-skilled UCLA gymnast, has broken the internet with an utterly seamless routine.

21-year-oldgymnast, Katelyn Ohashi nailed the term 'taking the world by storm' when she wowed an audience who watched her performance from much further than Anaheim in California, which is where she executed an impeccable perfect 10 routine. Inspired by pop legend, Michael Jackson, the talented gymnast can be seen delivering near-impossible stunts as easily as taking a breath.

Katelyn's incredibly intricate performance attracted praise, wonder and bewilderment all at once from online viewers, who couldn't seem to get their heads around how she managed to land perfectly straight on her crotch whilst keeping a beaming smile on her face. Taking to Twitter to document their awe, viewers wrote:

The power drop into the splits bounce up at the end is mind bending. The power moves in modern floor routines are ridiculous. Awesome + sauce," one mind-blown viewer.
My vagina hurt just watching that! LOL," to which another user comically added: "So did mine, and I haven't even got one.

Yet another awe-struck viewer expressed:

I've never considered myself a fan of gymnastics but I could watch this over and over. Her passion is inspiring and completely infectious.

Speaking to The Daily Bruin, Valorie Kondos, who coaches Katelyn very closely, explained:

Her whole floor routine is ridiculously hard. Every single thing about it, including the backwards split that she does after her leap pass - it's insane.

Check out Katelyn's incredible performance above.

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