This girl's message about her disabled brother will warm your heart

This little girl's brother has Down syndrome, but she has an important message for those who have anything to say about him.

Archie is a little boy who was born in Bulgaria with Down syndrome. Abandoned by his mother at birth, he was adopted by an American family that already had a little girl named Ace. On National Down Syndrome Day, she decided to make a video for her little brother, to express her love for him and to explain that we should not treat people differently simply because they don't look the same as us.

Little Ace says that as soon as she met her little brother Archie, she knew right away that he would be her best friend for life. They do everything together and Ace makes sure he doesn't miss out on anything. The two children play exactly the same games as the others of their age.

They love to go to the park and eat ice cream. Ace does not need to understand all the medical terms to know that her brother Archie is perfect just the way he is. Through this video, little Ace and her family want to prove that a child with Down syndrome such as Archie is no different from others and deserves to be loved just as much.

Watch the video above and be prepared to have tissues at the ready!

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