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This Girl's Family Treated Her As A Monster For A Tragic Reason

Alice Elizabeth Doherty was a ‘normal’ little girl. Yet her family thought of her as a monster due to this odd physical detail…

Called the ‘Minnesota Woolly Girl,’ Alice, born in 1887, was covered in fur. She was diagnosed with ‘werewolf syndrome' otherwise known as hypertrichosis lanuginosa.

Alice was only 2 years old when her parents decided to use her unusual features to help them earn a living, displaying her as a sideshow spectacle.

A reporter from Wisconsin once commented on the young performer stating she was "bright as a silver dollar" and "intelligent beyond her years"

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Despite the rave reviews, Alice was, by all accounts not a great performer. Taking to the stage only as a means to support her family.

Once her family was comfortable financially she stopped performing, around 1915. She died in 1933 at the age of 46 in Dallas, Texas, of causes still unknown but it was said she passed 'peacefully.'

Take a look at the video above for Alice's full tragic story...

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