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They Left Her A Huge Tip But What Came With It Was Even Better

Are you losing faith in humanity? This is the touching story of a customer who not only gave a waitress a tip, but also gave her something even more valuable!

Becky Nilsen works at Breakfast Spot in New York City and was very surprised when she picked up the bill from table 31. For $ 22, the guest rounded the bill to $ 100, which is a huge tip! But he also left a small note on the receipt: "Life is short, a friend of mine died last night. Please spend a night with someone you love. Life is too short!"

The most touching part of this story is not the tip but the note, as well as the fact that the customer was gone even before Becky found the note, showing that he expected absolutely nothing in return!

Not only this moving but the few lines the customer wrote are a beautiful life philosophy: we have to enjoy every moment with the people we love!

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