There's Something Not Quite Right About This Instagram Model... Can You Spot It?

She's got nearly a million followers on Instagram and has appeared in magazines like V Magazine. You may not be able to guess it by just looking at her, but this model has something that sets her apart from everyone else. Check out the video and see why she's more than meets the eye.

She might look like an Instagram model like the others, and yet Miquela has something very different. She's cute, she has 958,000 followers on Instagram, and has modelled for magazines like V Magazine. We wouldn't blame you for not being able to tell from the first glance at her photos.

An Instagram model unlike all the others

Miquela Sousa, the model that's been making waves on Instagram, doesn't actually exist! She's actually a virtual avatar entirely generated by a computer program. Very active on social networks, the young woman very often plays models by regularly posing in clothes for advertisements.

She also appears as a claimed activist and does not hesitate to take a stand for ideas by being the spokesperson for transgender people or by supporting the movement "Black Lives Matter".

Model, activist and artist

She is also an artist in her spare time and last summer released the title "Not Mine" which ranked eighth of viral titles on Spotify. She's based in Los Angeles, California and often times participates with interviews. However, she would like to focus less on the details of her life than on her real talents as an artist or a singer. Followed by thousands of fans, the young virtual woman has in any case not finished talking about her.

Impressive or creepy? Check out the video above to see her for yourself!

Instagram deleted her picture without an explanation... can you spot why? Instagram deleted her picture without an explanation... can you spot why?