The moment a young woman takes her first steps after devastating car crash and four surgeries

A young woman was bolted by a speeding truck. As a result, she sustained life-lasting injuries and was told it could be a whole year before she could even try walking. On her road to recovery, here are her first steps...

22 year-old Victoria Peacock from Lake Jackson, Texas was left with numerous injuries including a shattered pelvis and internal bleeding, after she was hit by a truck whilst she was driving to work.

As a result, it took the emergency team as much as 45 minutes to carefully pull Victoria out of her car, having to saw the roof of the car during the ordeal. She was hospitalised after being air-lifted by helicopter and consequently had to undergo emergency surgery as well as a blood transfusion in the process of repairing her lacerated organs. Due to the extent of damage done to her uterus, doctors anticipated that it may be impossible for her to have children in the future.

A miraculous recovery

It took a total of four surgeries and three blood transfusions to get Victoria up to scratch to take her first steps again. However, doctors feared she would not be able to walk again without any additional support. Then came the day Victoria was ready to try walking again–albeit with a walker. She gathered the precious moment on film before posting it on Reddit, receiving over 47,000 upvotes on the site.

Victoria feels very strongly about reckless and even more so after the crash, admitting how glad she is that her children weren't present:

I’m not happy the crash happened but it was the one week I didn’t have my children in the car so I’m grateful for the timing.

Campaigning for road safety

Following her recovery, Victoria now wants to focus on the importance of road safety, creating a campaign to review road rules in the area after numerous similar accidents took place.

Watch the video above to see the woman walk.

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