She Did A Maternity Photoshoot. But If You Take A Closer Look At Her Necklace...

She Did A Maternity Photoshoot. But If You Take A Closer Look At Her Necklace...

Meghan and Allen Jacobs had everything they needed to be happy. Unfortunately, fate was about to deal them a very cruel hand.

Young, beautiful and very in love, Meghan and Allen Jacob were a dream couple. They had absolutely everything they needed to be happy. They reached a stage in their relationship where they were ready for the next step: having a baby together. Unfortunately, in March 2016, their lives took on another turn as Allen was shot in the line of duty.

A vibrant tribute

This was tragic for Meghan, who was five months pregnant. She was expecting their first child in July. For Father's Day, Meghan decided to pay a moving tribute to her late husband. She organised a big photoshoot with colleagues of Allen's; many of them showed up. Meghan not only wanted to immortalise her love for her late husband, but she also wanted a family picture with her future baby, along with the group of police officers symbolising Allen's presence.

It was a beautiful and very touching ceremony for all who were present, and a vibrant tribute for this would-be dad, who was taken too soon... In the video, you'll see the very special necklace that Meghan wore for the occasion.

A year later, she talks about her grief

A year later Meghan discussed the tragedy that completely changed her life. She told Greenville News: "My life was in pieces the day I lost my husband, my favourite fan, my hero." Even today, Meghan gets triggered whenever she hears a siren in the street because it reminds her of the sirens that sounded the day she was notified of his death.

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"Only when you face your worst nightmare (...) a nightmare that happens so fast and unexpectedly that it completely changes your life, in an instant." Fortunately, little Lennox brightened up her mom's life in the summer of 2016! There is no doubt that Meghan will tell her all about her dad, who was so sadly lost in the line of duty.

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