Mum Shares Warning To Parents After Her Son Suffers Painful Swimming Trunks Accident

The beautiful sun, sand and swimming is enough to make anyone happy. In the heat, many of us will be putting on our swimsuits, and so will our kids. But you may not be aware that swimming trunks can be dangerous for young boys.

There is generally a net lining on the inside of boys' swimming trunks, which serves as a kind of underwear. However, this lining can be dangerous, especially for youngsters.

Five-year-old Jack and his mum Laura learnt this while on holiday in Spain. After taking him to the pool, Jack's mum was getting him undressed for his shower when she encountered the problem. The mesh lining of the trunks had wrapped itself around Jack's penis and the little boy was screaming with pain.

His distraught mother went to the hotel reception and was advised to call a doctor. She first took him to the local medical centre but they were unable to disentangle the netting. She then took him to hospital, where doctors were able to remove the mesh lining with the help of a light anaesthetic.

Luckily for Jack, the netting didn't damage his urinary tract and he hasn't suffered any lasting damage. Today, the little boy regularly warns his friends so that the same thing doesn't happen to them. His mum Laura also warns 'Please, if you have young children, remove the net lining from their swimming trunks.'

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