Man disguised as a dog so he could leave house during lockdown

One man decided to dress up as a dog so he could leave the house and go outside. And one internet user, just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

During this difficult time of lockdown and very strict regulations, everyone is yearning to be back outside. Some people are coming up with rather unusual ways to do so. It seems the winner of this unspoken competition goes to one man from Spain.

Taking a stroll

On the streets of Toledo, an unsuspecting internet user managed to snap a photo of this hilarious moment, which he then posted to social media.

The story, that was picked up by the Spanish magazine Todos Noticias, sure made a lot of people online laugh.

It features a man who decided to disguise himself as a dog so he could calmly leave the house during the first lockdown. One passer-by was lucky enough to snap a photo of this ‘dog,’ which he then decided to post on social media. In the caption of his post, the Twitter user wrote:

Toledo, Polígono neighbourhood. There is a strange dog walking…

Some found it funny

Shocked, internet users didn’t take long to share their reactions to this rather unusual situation:

It’s a pedigree, I reckon
He must be boiling
I don’t need a quarantine to dress up as a dog
He looks more like a monkey than a dog hahahaha

And others not

Although some internet users seemed to find his getup rather amusing, others found it completely ridiculous and even thought that he could be helping to spread the virus that is currently plaguing the whole world.

He will then touch his face, door handles in his building, the lift…
Touching the ground with your bare hands. Yeah, that’s definitely not contaminated…

Other people even took it a step further! After seeing this photo, lots of complaints were filed with the local authorities about this disguised man's behaviour, calling it ’reckless.’

However, we don’t know whether this man has since been fined as a result of his rather unusual stunt.

For more details and the photo, check out the video at the top of this article.

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