Grandma’s Desperate Attempt to See Her Grandchildren Goes Viral

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we are all cooped up at home and needing to keep away from other people which we’re not at all used to. But recently, a video of one grandmother clearly making a huge effort to see her grandchildren again has gone viral.

The current lockdown was put in place as a way to stop the spread of COVID-19, the world’s biggest enemy since early 2020, and for many countries, it has been rather successful.

The most vulnerable groups in society, such as the chronically ill and the elderly, are those who have unfortunately suffered the most as a result of this disease.

However, it’s not just the elderly who have been strongly affected, but their children as well who have had to go months without seeing their poor grandparents so as not to put them at even more risk. But recently, a video of what one grandma did in New Jersey, United States, has gone viral all over the world.

Apparently, and as reported by the Mexican media source, the poor woman couldn’t bear not seeing her grandchildren anymore and decided to do something about it. Want to know what she did?

74-year-old Maureen Sweeney was able to see her grandchildren, Ryan and Lincon, dressed as a pink unicorn! The woman told the local media that she was looking for more than just a mask because she wanted to be able to safely hug her grandchildren.

And that’s exactly what she did! In the one-minute-long video clip, which was posted on the Storyful Rights Management channel on YouTube, you can see the grandmother running to her grandchildren and hugging them. How lovely!

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