Furious internet users threaten to report a mother to child services for posting this video of her baby

One TikTok user, a mother, has posted a video of her baby which caused outrage on the social media platform, leaving many threatening to call social services.

We all know that having a baby is a huge responsibility, and it takes a lot of care and caution to keep them happy and healthy and make sure nothing bad happens to them.

Still, a lot of parents out there see nothing wrong with sharing very personal information about their children on social networks, where everyone can see it. TikTokuser Christel Holland (@christelholand) happens to be one such parent.

The American woman learned the hard way that sometimes, you're better off just respecting your child's privacy and keeping things to yourself. After she posted a video of her baby girl, the entire social network came down on her. Some users even threatened to report her to child services.

In the video she posted, her baby is seen crying, with her mouth full of purple ink. You can hear the mom explain how her daughter ate a purple Sharpie back when she was a baby, and more recently, her son did it too. She captioned the original video, "Sorry, this is too funny," but we're not so sure she's laughing now...

Naturally, many TikTok users were displeased with the mother's behaviour. That outrage is the main reason the video went viral - it already has more than 7 million views.

The mother later pointed out that it was a joke and that her babies hadn't actually eaten Sharpies. She clarified:

Before anybody freaks out they both got thrush when they were babies and the purple is actually a medication to get rid of it!!


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