Covid-19: Schoolteacher shocked to catch virus for third time

The young teacher who tested positive for the virus several times in the cause of a year believes the frequency is due to the nature of her job.

A primary school teacher has been infected with Covid-19 three times since December 2020. She has contracted both the Delta and Omicron variants of the coronavirus.

Third Time Unlucky

Maryia Hussain, 26, tested positive for the virus again in November last, with her most recent infection being last Monday.

The third time around, the teacher from Luton, Bedfordshire, was infected with the Omicron variant of the virus. Maryia was stunned when the latest came back positive. She was speaking to Mail Online:

But no one can believe I have caught it three times - it seems incredible. I had been double jabbed and when I got it for the second time last year, I just thought 'Why me'. All friends can't quite believe that I have tested positive three times.

According to Maryia, as a primary teacher, the nature of her job means she’s more prone to catch the virus as bugs tend to spread among school children.

'Unluckiest Girl In Britain'

She has told of how the first infection, in November 2020, left her seriously ill and bedridden for days, although she didn’t need hospital treatment. She had self-isolated at home with her parents

First time around was really bad. It started off with a sore throat, body chills and a continuous cough. I felt bad and had to use a steamer so I could breathe more easily. I was quite ill and even after I tested negative was too weak to go back to work because of long Covid.

She fell ill when she caught it again almost a year later in November last year. But Maryia, who is double jabbed and planning to get the booster shot, had the shock of her life when she tested positive again last Monday. This time around, she experienced mild symptoms of the virus.

I just could not believe it when it came back positive. I must be the unluckiest girl in Britain. Fortunately, the symptoms were not as bad as the two previous and I am on the mend. It is just so annoying as very few of my friends have had it.
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