After years of being self-conscious, she spent £38,000 on plastic surgery and now she's unrecognisable!

Sometimes people have such a hard time seeing their reflection in the mirror that they do everything they can to change it, like Celine Centino for example, who spent £38,000 to completely transform herself.

Almost nobody is completely satisfied with the way they look. While thin lips or dark circles that are too obvious or striking can easily be hidden with good make-up, there are some flaws and imperfections that are slightly more difficult to hide.

In school, Celine Centino was very self-conscious. So like a lot of reality TV stars, she resorted to plastic surgery. At 24 years old, the young woman had invested all of her savings and more and no longer looked like the self-conscious little teenager that she was.

A social media star

Before she was a social media star with over 242,000 Instagram followers, Centino claims she was bullied in school. The other students laughed at her so much that she ended up resenting her body.

I always wanted big boobs, my natural boob size was zero, so I finally wanted to be beautiful and have a normal life, without getting judged.

Centino worked as a hairdresser at the end of high school and saved for 4 years to pay for the operations she had been dreaming about: three breast augmentations, a nose job and cheek, lip and chin fillers.

A new person in the mirror

First an incredibly self-conscious young woman, Celine Centino is now a woman who is proud of her body and doesn’t hesitate to show it off on social media.

When I got my first boob job, it was an amazing feeling. I wanted more because I wanted to be more beautiful. […] I just feel positives from my transformation, I feel so good in my own skin without all the bad memories.

Just as a reminder, it is always important to talk to a doctor for advice first if you are considering plastic surgery.

Check out the video above to see her transformation for yourself!

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