After her boyfriend called her fat she decided to get the best revenge

Britney Vest has certainly got her revenge on life. This 29-year-old Californian has lost nearly 6 stone after her ex-boyfriend called her ‘fat’.

In an interview, Britney Vest from California in the United States revealed that she tasted her first soda when she was 3 years old and that she was already overweight by the age of 8.

Even though her family and friends encouraged her to lose weight, nothing seemed to work. She just couldn’t seem to find the motivation, despite her grandmother offering to pay her for each pound she lost. After four years of eating junk food at university, the young woman clocked in at 250lbs which is nearly 18 stone!

But then 6 years ago, her boyfriend at the time commented on the fact that she had gained weight – and that was the last straw. The young woman then joined a Weight Watchers program, started exercising and went on an extreme diet. She stated:

I am grateful for his comment, because he unleashed a fire in me and my life will never been the same after my weight loss.

After an operation to remove excess skin, Britney declared that she is 'in love with her body (…) and it is how I always imagined it when I was heavier.' The American loves seeing her reflection in the mirror now and runs a fitness blog to help women like herself who are having a hard time losing weight.

Her husband called her ugly but she got the best revenge Her husband called her ugly but she got the best revenge