After Frightening Children in the Street, She Decided to Radically Change Her Look!

She had a punk look that scared some people, but then she radically changed with a makeover.

After Frightening Children in the Street, She Decided to Radically Change Her Look!
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Have you ever come across people in the street who have a rather unusual look? We’re sure you have! Meet Mel, age twenty-eight. Her style is... uncommon and how her look could be called 'punk.'

If you’re not sure what the punk look looks like, we’ll describe it to you: tousled hair, leather clothes, piercings, nails in clothes, very dark makeup... Mel was full of confidence and not embarrassed at all when she walked on the streets, even if people often stared at her, probably intrigued by her flashy pink hair.

Some children even made fun of her, as did some men. But she doesn't care, she loves her look:

‘It's like she was born with it,’ says Jordan, her friend.

However, while her family, friends, and partner seem very accustomed to this unusual style which she fully embraces, she nonetheless made a radical decision when it came to how she looks.

The young woman recently participated in the ‘Snog Marry Avoid?’ television show which, we are sure you're familiar with, radically transforms people by changing their offbeat looks.

As the show went on, Mel gradually got rid of her jewellery and accessories. Her numerous piercings were removed, but she also had to deal with a total make-up removal.

‘I feel naked,’ she said.

After this crucial stage, she also changed her clothing style. She could be seen wearing a red dress with lace, and a new hair and make-up style. The young woman was looking beautiful and totally unrecognisable.

‘I feel like a woman and I think I'm sexy,’ she said as she saw herself in a mirror for the first time.

Check out her transformation in the video at the top of the article!