After adopting triplets, this family got a huge surprise

Andy and Sarah Justice faced some obstacles when it came to starting a family, but everything seemed to work out in the end. Let us rephrase that: everything really worked out for Andy and Sarah, not over time, but all at once.

Shortly after Andy and Sarah married, they decided to have a baby! After three years of trying with no result, they opted to visit a doctor, and they found out something devasting: Sarah couldn’t have kids.

Despite this heartbreaking news, Andy and Sarah continued to look at the situation with optimism—they were determined tostart a family. At first, they asked the doctor about in-vitro fertilization, but the cost was too great and too risky. If they went this route, there was only a 10% chance of pregnancy.

They continued to seek out options

Next, they looked into adoption, which seemed daunting to the happy couple at first, but Andy and Sarah were determined to get through the various obstacles. After completing the application, a home study, and sitting through various interviews, they finally received word that they had been chosen toadopt.

However, once the mothergave birth, she decided to keep the baby. And this same thing happened again to Andy and Sarah a short while after, but they kept their hopes up.

An unexpected surprise

Eventually, they found out that one mother wanted them to adopt her baby, and when they went to the ultrasound, they discovered that they were going to adopt triplets!

Shortly after the babies were born, Andy and Sarah got a huge, unexpected surprise. Want to know the surprise? Tune into our video to find out.

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