After A Wardrobe Malfunction At The Gym, This Woman Is Delivering A Message To Puma

Former personal trainer Kimberley Williams was left severely humiliated and embarrassed after discovering a huge design flaw in her new Puma leggings.

In what can only be described as a scenario from our collective nightmares, Kimberly Williams endured an embarrassment of a lifetime because of her Puma leggings. The 27-year-old from London hit out at the brand on social media after her new gym leggings left her feeling ridiculed in a busy gym.

Total Humiliation

Everyone could see my bum,’ she said. As she worked out, happy with her new leggings, she noticed several heads turn towards her, thinking that they were taking interest in her new purchase.

When she energetically bent down to stretch however, her friend, who was both surprised and in shock, pointed out that the leggings were transparent and that they revealed a little more than she had expected. Many women struggle to feel comfortable in the gym, this would no doubt make situations worse!

Hitting back at Puma

She described her experience on Puma’s Facebook page, saying that she was left traumatised by the event. And to prove it was true, she attached a picture. As a result, millions of people have now seen the photo and her derriere and shared it all over the internet.

This isn't the first time a clothing brand has made a bit of a blunder and forgotten to do the proper 'booty tests,' as Kimberly puts it. A few years back, Lululemon had a number of products recalled for a similar problem.

Check out the leggings in question in the video above.

This Woman Was Kicked Out Of Her Gym Because Of Her Breasts This Woman Was Kicked Out Of Her Gym Because Of Her Breasts