85-year-old grandma seeks love on Bumble after dumping 39-year-old boyfriend

The 85-year-old mother of two and grandmother of three prefers younger men because they still have dreams to chase and a passion for life.

A hot granny is back on the dating scene at 85 years old after parting ways with her 39-year-old boyfriend.

Hattie Retroage is planning to create a profile on the dating app, Bumble to have ‘some fun.’

The mother of two and grandmother to three kids has been dating younger men since divorcing from her husband at the age of 48.

The retired resident of Hell’s Kitchen, New York told Fabulous, that she is ready to try her luck at find loving again.

I'm not dating anyone now. Will be posting on Bumble, as some friends have met men there. I'll be starting to date again now that I can be intimate, and enjoy making love again! I'm thrilled that my sex style is turning the tide.
It's not only the old guys that enjoy young women—we are turning the tide! Yesterday morning I got a call from a young guy in Israel to tell me he had a crush on me. So cute!

Why younger men?

According to the pensioner, many people assume that her preference for younger men is all about sex. But she said there is more to that although it was a significant factor. For Hattie, she thrives on being able to help her young lovers to keep their dreams alive.

When people ask me why I like younger guys they always figure it's a hard c*** or something. I'm not saying it's not that. However an older man, generally—he was this, he once played rugby, he was a top football player. He had all those dreams and I love those dreams but he had them already. A young man is fired up about what the future holds and I can keep that fire burning.

Public figure

Hattie’s unconventional dating escapades have opened many doors for her and made her a celebrity in her own right. She has appeared on several reality TV shows and in a number of documentaries as well.

She and former lover John, 39, appeared on Channel 5 show Age Gap Love I after which the couple split.

She also wrote a book called Sex and the Single Senior to show the world how she is defining a new way of ageing successfully. She even appeared in a Dolce&Gabbana swimsuit advert.

A trained dancer, Hattie now describes herself as a life coach and a writer.

She had these words of advice for all the singletons out there:

The sex tip I'm giving people is masturbate for God's sake. You must keep the engine going whether you feel like it or not... Keep that alive.
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