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81-Year-Old Man Jailed After Becoming An Accomplice To A Crime Out of Loneliness

Some pensioners connect with other retired folks, some travel, and some create crafty projects, but 81-year-old Ian Hemmens decided to add some thrill to his life by becoming a driver for drug dealers.

Ian Hemmens’ thrilling drug-dealer escapade got him trouble with authorities; he continues to find unconventional ways of combating loneliness! Perhaps, he finds the thought of befriending people his own age a tad boring.

What did Ian Hemmens do? Well, he helped his partners-in-crime, Mahamud Sami and Akeem Adebayo flee a crime scene, where their victim lay, severely wounded.

According to the prosecutor, Amy Packham, Sami and Adebayo tag-teamed a brutal stabbing. The duo pinned down their victim (and rival), Dimitrijs Semelis. Adebayo held their rival in place while Sami stabbed Semelis.

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After the stabbing, the duo hopped in Hemmens’ car and fled the scene, leaving Semelis in a near-fatal position. Reports declare that Semelis suffered from a punctured lung!

What happened to the crime-committing trio? Well, 23-year-old Adebayo earned himself nine years in prison! Why? Not only did he injure with intent, but he had cocaine and heroin on him, too. What happened to the other two? Is Sami still on the run? Tune into our video to find out.

By Eric Allen
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