11 plastic surgeries later, the "Human Ken Doll's" nose has totally collapsed

72 plastic surgery operations, including 11 rhinoplasties... Rodrigo Alves has spent a significant part of his life in the operating theatre, trying his hardest to become Barbie's Ken. This life choice is not without consequences today. His nose is literally collapsing.

The scalpel has a price, and not only financially... Rodrigo Alves is discovering that now. At the age of 36, the young man has undergone nearly 72 operations, paying a sum of over £600,000. He would do anything to look like his idol, the Ken doll. A thirst for perfection brought to an extreme.

In the Daily Mail, he says he is very worried about what will happen next. He says he has been living a nightmare for several months. Last January, he underwent another rhinoplasty that was supposed to make up for a previously failed procedure.

'My nose started to fall off, I'm afraid'

'At first, the results of the operation were very satisfactory. But since then, my nose has started to fall off, so I'm going to have to go through another operation and I'm afraid, to be honest,' Rodrigo Alves explained in the columns of the British tabloid. He added, disillusioned: 'It is becoming riskier and riskier to do surgery on me, I fear that doctors will no longer be able to repair my nose for good.'

The 'Human Ken Doll ' could no longer breathe normally. The doctors had warned him though that by excessive use of the scalpel, he risked ending up with a hole in the middle of his face. In 2017, he had already almost lost his nose due to necrosis.

In addition to repeated rhinoplasties, Rodrigo Alves is addicted to injections, especially in the arms to look more muscular.

He also had a gastric band put on... in order to lose weight. 'I've gained 3 stone in the last few months because of my stress due to the fact that I couldn't breathe.' This radical lifestyle choice has made him famous in the United Kingdom: for example, he has appeared on several reality TV shows.

This 'Human Barbie' comes from a whole family of dolls This 'Human Barbie' comes from a whole family of dolls