Primark Is Selling The Perfect Military Boots For £18 That'll Have You Looking Taller

Primark Is Selling The Perfect Military Boots For £18 That'll Have You Looking Taller

Low-cost clothing giant Primark has once again released something we're dying to add to our wardrobe. Our latest discovery - these military boots - will make you look taller and are also the cheapest pair you will find anywhere. What a steal!

With the dropping temperatures, we’re starting to see more and more boots on the streets. But there is one pair in particular that has become this season’s bestseller, and it doesn’t seem to matter where you go, because someone is always wearing them.

In case you haven’t already come across the boots we’re talking about, they appear to have won over women from all around the world. ‘Influencers’, models and even our neighbours, everyone is wearing this style nowadays and the shops are full of different versions.

But the truth is that there are still some people who have managed to resist them, not because they don’t like them because in fact, they love them, so we don’t know-how. They are so versatile and casual that they would go well with any outfit. Skirts,mid-length dresses, jeans or pantsuits, the truth is that they look great with everything.

'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland sporting black combat boots

But there is a downside, which is that they don’t add too much to your height which could be a problem for some people, but they do also make you look slimmer and although physical stature quite often comes in second, we’re not going to lie to ourselves by saying that we don’t love clothes that make us look slimmer and highlight our best features.

But nevertheless, we’ve found the perfect pair of military/combat boots with laces and an almost invisible heel that give us that extra little bit of height and a bit of added confidence. And we found them in none other than Primark.

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Primark is surprising us a lot recently and is becoming one of our favourite ‘low cost’ brands. It’s impossible to go shopping and not be coaxed into Primark where we’re often surprised by their impressive stock, just like we were by these military boots. And the best thing isn’t how great they make us feel, but how much they cost since they are only £18. So what are you waiting for? You have no excuse for not getting this season’s ‘must-have’.

Lindsay Wilson
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