This man trespassed Queen’s residence twice in four days

A 33-year-old man was charged with trespassing Buckingham Palace grounds twice in four days in December 2021.

33-year-old Daniel Brydges has been charged with trespassing on the grounds of the Queen’s London residence – Buckingham Palace. The man had allegedly tried to trespass the property twice in four days back in December 2021.

Royal intruder

The Sun reports that Daniel Brydges intruded on the grounds of Queen’s residence in London in the days leading up to Christmas last year. Brydges tried to trespass Buckingham Palace on two separate occasions – first on December 18 and then again on December 22. A member of the court staff verified that he is also charged with criminal damage for allegedly damaging the property's barbed wire fence on December 18.

Fortunately, her majesty had been spending Christmas day with her family in Windsor Castle at that time. The attempt to intrude the Queen's residence by Byrdges happened just days before Jaswant Singh Chail stormed the grounds of the Windsor Castle with a crossbow.

Guilty or not Guilty?

Brydges was due in court on July 13 and Newsweek confirms that he has pleaded not guilty. In the hearing held at Westminster Magistrates Court on July 13, Brydges didn’t present any reason or motive for his actions, just that he was not guilty.

His legal defence - Rajesh Bhamm insisted that his client has a ‘quite serious mental health background’ and a psychiatric report is being prepared for it. Meanwhile, District Judge Briony Clarke has granted bail to Brydges on the condition that he will not visit any royal palace or residence until the next hearing of the court on October 12.

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