The extravagant amount that Meghan Markle has spent on her high-end wardrobe

Since Meghan Markle recently gave up her royal duties, the outrageous monetary value of the former Duchess’ wardrobe has been revealed!

Although Meghan Markle gave up her royal duties on April 1 2020, she'll be long-time considered one of the true stars of Royal Family. Ever since her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018, the now-former Duchess of Sussex has always made an effort to look fantastic whenever she appeared in public.

A wardrobe worth its weight in gold

From her official visits to her media appearances, the former actress is renowned for her taste in fashion and all things luxurious. The Daily Mail revealed the grand total cost of her royal wardrobe, and it’s sure to come as a shock! From luxury items to Haute Couture, little Archie’s mother is estimated to have spent a whopping £977,309 on everything in her wardrobe.

Givenchy, Dior, Chanel and even Prada, the actress who famously played Rachel Zane in Suits has amassed a huge array of prestigious brands over recent years. And what’s more, she’s never been spotted in the same outfit twice!

Her first year was the most expensive

Of the £977,309 that she has spent over the years, £732,724 was spent on her two wedding dresses. During her official visit to the South Pacific, the American was spotted in outfits that were estimated to cost more than £110,000.

But rest assured! These expenses did not come at any cost to the English taxpayer, but in fact came from Prince Charles’ private funds, the Duke of Cornwall, the income generated by a private estate encompassing 53,000 hectares of cultivated land and various other financial investments.

Very different in comparison to Kate Middleton

In comparison to Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton is known for regularly recycling her perfect wardrobe. Like on 9th March 2020, Kate Middleton made a public appearance in a red coat designed by Catherine Walker for the Commonwealth Day service during which she and her husband William reunited with the now-former Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And as a fan of some more 'affordable' clothing styles, she is also regularly spotted in items from Zara, Mango and even Sandro.

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