Prince Andrew: This is why the Queen won’t strip off Prince Andrew’s Duke of York title

After Prince Andrew brought disgrace to the royal family, he’s due to losing his title of Duke of York, however, the Queen won’t do it herself.

According to a report published by, her majesty may find it ‘too hurtful’ to strip off the title from her favourite son. As such, it is expected that Prince Charles would be left to make a decision on Prince Andrew’s fate on historic titles.

Hurtful decisions

Members of the York City Council unanimously agreed on Wednesday evening to revoke Prince Andrew's Freedom of the City of York honour. He was given the ambassadorial title in 1987 before the Queen bestowed the title of Duke of York on him. Council members urged the Queen or the Government to strip Prince Andrew of the title of Duke of York. However, it is expected that Prince Charles will do it when he becomes the King. Cele Otnes, co-author of Royal Fever told

His service as escort of the queen at Prince Philip‘s memorial service certainly seemed to raise a lot of consternation among the family, and probably among Royal brand managers and royal watchers as well.
I doubt very seriously the Queen will take the step of stripping him of his title.
I think she would perceive that as too hurtful a gesture from his mother — and unwarranted. However, Prince Charles may well choose to do so when he becomes King.

Prince Andrew’s titles

The Freedom of the City is an award awarded to civilians, as well as visiting celebrities and dignitaries, in acknowledgement of their outstanding service to the city. While the title of Freeman is often seen as a significant honour, it does not confer any unique benefits. However, the title of Duke brings him benefits and honour both. The Queen revoked Prince Andrew of his military titles and patronages in January. His title of the Duke of York can only be removed by an Act of Parliament or other peerages, which last occurred in 1917.

Prince Andrew has kept his title as Duke of York and remains ninth in the line of succession to the monarchy, following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's two children. Although he will no longer use the title ‘His Royal Highness’ in any official role.

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