Prince Andrew: Ex-royal aide claims that the Duke ‘lunged’ at her

A former royal aide has come forward to talk more about disgraced Prince Andrew who lunged at her after she wore a T-shirt with a provocative slogan.

Prince Andrew has been the talk of the town for one thing after another since his sex-abuse case. More and more women are coming forward to reveal the Duke’s scandalous and indecorous side which had been kept covered under the good royally displayed manners.

Was it provoking?

In another report from The Sun, an ex-royal aide Nicola Palmer has opened up about her ordeal. She was 21-year-old when she was a live-in PA at the Duke’s former £15million mansion. The incident happened on one of the days when she was done with her work but was helping Beatrice and Eugenie’s nanny. Reportedly, she had gotten her T-shirt dirty so she rushed to change it and wore whatever piece of clothing she got her hands on. Unfortunately for her, she wore a T-shirt with the slogan ‘think my pants off,’ and encountered the disgraced Duke in the corridor.

Nicola recalls that the prince asked her twice what the quote meant, despite knowing what it means. She was puzzled, uncomfortable and embarrassed by the situation. She told The Sun:

I remember him staring at me, grinning, looking me in the eye and asking me to explain what that meant. I froze.
I think he knew what it was, and I felt uncomfortable. The next thing, I was fumbling my words and I said, ‘You have to think of me with my pants off.’

She hadn’t shared her story in the last twenty years as she thought it may have been her T-shirt that provoked the Duke to do what he did next. She explained:

And with that, he seemed to lunge toward me. I turned to my left and ran upstairs to the attic. I screamed for a split second.
I was alarmed. But when I reached the top I turned around, and he was gone.

A regular day at the mansion

Nicola was in her twenties and just grateful to have received the opportunity to work at the royal mansion. However, she left the job in less than four months claiming it wasn’t something for her. When she joined the help team at the royal house, she was instantly told about the Duke’s unpopularity amongst the staff. After a set of uncomfortable episodes with both Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, she decided to quit the job. She added:

Sarah told me once she believed that she could feel presences around her, including that of ­Princess Diana, whose pictures were everywhere.
The household itself was a strange, stressful bubble, which I realised I didn’t want to be part of. I’m now very glad I followed my instinct and got out.

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