Meghan Markle Looked Amazing In Her Skinny Jeans! (VIDEO)
Meghan Markle Looked Amazing In Her Skinny Jeans! (VIDEO)
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Meghan Markle Looked Amazing In Her Skinny Jeans! (VIDEO)

This weekend, during an official visit to Cape Town, Meghan Markle appeared in a very casual look that suited her incredibly well. Interesting.

Since she arrived in South Africa on Monday 23rd September 2019, we’ve seen Meghan Markle in a variety of styles and outfits. Whilst she has been seen in pretty flowing dresses and even a sublime, very stylish black combo, the Duchess of Sussex has also gone for some more casual styles.

After appearing hand in hand with Prince Harry in a very informal outfit on 24th September when they visited the Nyanga neighbourhood, Meghan Markle has once again decided to go casual this weekend. In fact, on Saturday 28th September 2019, little Archie’s young mother was spotted in a pair of blue skinny jeans which she paired with a flouncy, white top.

A very casual outfit which proves once again that Meghan Markle doesn’t always follow protocol by consistently choosing classic and sophisticated outfits. Going more casual can sometimes be a good thing, even if you’re Duchess.

The Duchess of Sussex also blew people away this week with an amazing khaki dress which was belted around the waist that she chose to wear during her visit to Cape Town’s first mosque.

We’ll let you check out the video above to see the photo of her simple, yet elegant outfit. What do you think?

By Lindsay Wilson

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