This Teenager And Her 62-Year-Old Husband Want People To Stop Harassing Them

Samantha, 19, says she is very much in love with JR, her husband, who is 43 years older than her. However, they are constantly harassed by people who do not accept their love, because of their age difference. They hope that this hell ends soon because they are looking to have a child.

Samantha, a teenager from Kansas, United States, admits that her thing for Jr. was love at first sight. The moment she met him, she was completely taken by his demeanour, his gallantry, and his maturity.

The attraction turned out to be mutual, because a few months after they met, they started to date. The young woman's family immediately objected to their daughter, who is under 20, being in a relationship with a man who is 43 years older than her.

Samantha and Jr. were very clear from the beginning that their relationship was serious and their love was true. For that reason, upon the family's refusal to accept their relationship, they chose each other and decided to go live together and get married.

But the rejection of their relationship is not limited to Samantha's family. The young woman says that it's rare for them to go out and not get insulted by anyone every time they display their affection. Jr is often taken for her grandfather, or directly branded as a pedophile.

As you can see in the video, they behave like any normal couple, regardless of their age. They just hope that the harassment ends before their first child arrives.

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