Green-line relationship test: Here’s what the viral trend is all about

A new test to analyse couples has been gaining popularity online and it may be able to tell a lot about your relationship.

The trend started on Twitter and went on to become viral on TikTok as well. Green-line relationship test lets you know who wears the pants in the relationship. However, it may not be as simple as you think it to be.

What is the Green-line relationship test?

According to this relationship test, a green line is drawn on the picture of a couple to determine who is leaning and who is standing straight. Depending on who is leaning and who is not, one can determine the dominant partner of the relationship. The rule is simple: the one who’s straight is dominant.

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Who coined it?

The theory was first developed by a Twitter user - alpharivelino. His approach claimed that the men who lean toward their partners in photos are ‘weak.’ The theory was ridiculed to an extent that the ‘Don’t lean in’ memes surfaced on the internet for a while. The hypothesis took a renewed push recently when a viral TikTok video used it to analyse couples like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Will and Jada Smith.

Does it stand true?

Every coin has two sides and so does this viral trend. While some body-language experts feel that men leaning toward their partners in the picture is a good sign, others dismiss the theory as it lacks scientific backing. Body language expert Mike Carter told Daily Mail:

We tend to lean physically toward things that we want, like and feel strongly about.

Rachel New, a relationship coach, believes leaning indicates that the person is accepting the influence of their partners. She added:

Men tend to be less good at this, so if the man is leaning in it is a very good sign that he feels secure and confident in himself. Ideally, both partners would lean in, but the man leaning in is a close second for a healthy relationship.

While others who dismiss the theory do it on the basis that no one picture can actually determine the dynamics of a couple or relationship. A person’s body language says a lot about their relationship, but a single photo test doesn’t justify anything.

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