25 Simple & Savoury Breakfast Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for savoury breakfast recipes? Check out our easy recipe ideas!

Savoury breakfasts, better for your health?

Savoury breakfasts are often better for your health than sugary breakfasts. In fact, between fruit juice, hot drinks, toast with jam or chocolate spread or cereal, breakfast is often full of sugars that are lacking in any protein or fibre: the ideal combination that often leads to those pesky food cravings in the morning that make you want to eat sugary foods all day long.

Savoury breakfasts are a lot more satisfying. They often include fibre, protein and vitamins. They are more filling than slow-burning sugars you get from a sugary breakfast. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to hold out until lunchtime without snacking. Every reason for making the switch!

Our recipe ideas for savoury breakfasts

Although we might want to have more savoury food on a morning, we often lack inspiration. But keep in mind that there are gourmet recipes out there that also have the advantage that you can prepare them in advance. Perfect for those who are busy!

You can prepare ham and cheese scones, courgette patties and tater tots, quiches and cakes that you can easily warm up in the morning. You could also pair these with some scrambled or fried eggs.

Pancakes are often a popular choice in savoury breakfasts, but there are a few more variants like crumpets or English muffins: delicious with eggs and bacon!

Finally, for those who prefer breakfast on the go, we recommend a sandwich, a heart piece of toast with some toppings or a bagel!

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