This Primark Dress Has Gone Viral Because It Looks So Good On Both Tall And Short Women

Its white design with a floral pattern is perfect for spring!

Primark has distinguished itself from other low-cost brands by making clothes for women with all body types - whether or not they have curves. The Irish chain is making a killing with its garments that are perfect for all sizes, such as the long cowboy jumpsuit that became the most sought after clothing item on Instagram.

Their summery floral print dress promises to be the next to enter their top of sales for this very reason. Two friends have made the design viral thanks to a selfie they took in a Primark fitting room. The two girls, who have very different bodies, tried on the same dress. The results? Both of them looked great.

Their photo has just confirmed this low cost brand's tendency to make fashion for all kinds of women: tall, short, curvy, slim... Their designs are perfect for any body type.

Check out the video above if you don't believe us!

Image: @stealmystyle40 (Instagram)

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