Something unbelievable happened moments after this pup was put to sleep

This 8-month-old dog was put down by a doctor, but something unexpected took place moments after.

Having a dog put down is sometimes incredibly distressing for dog owners and animal shelters. The owners often feel a sense of guilt, but your four-legged friend can’t always be saved or treated at the last moment. Sometimes, the situation can however be completely different.

Put to sleep as the last option

The Kings Harvest Pets Rescue No-Kill Shelter, located in Davenport, Iowa (USA), is well-known for not putting animals to sleep. They find all their animals a forever home, so they can keep living. But that’s not the case everywhere.

In lots of animal shelters, the people who work there can quite heartlessly put animals down when there’s not enough room for them all. This is what happened with Rudolph. A vet gave the puppy that was only a few months old an injection that would end its life forever.

A miracle happened

But not everything went as planned. Surprisingly, Rudolph woke up again! It was a sign. The drugs didn’t have any effect on him, and the Kings Harvest Pets Rescue No-Kill animal shelter then decided to accept the dog into their care.

There, he now has a permanent place to stay without having to worry about being put down again. A true miracle! The Kings Harvest shelter also has services such as providing pet food for those in need, affordable spaying and neutering, and setting up homes for pets that the homeless have had to give up. Occasionally, they can also provide temporary homing so that the owner can be reunited with their pet.

Take a look at the video above for more on Rudolph's incredible journey!

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