Heartwarming Moment A Dog Brings Tiny Kitten To Safety While It Rains

A cute pup decided it was her duty to save a tiny kitten from the rain! Now, thanks to Hazel, a Yorkshire Terrier mix, the stray kitten has found a new home.

Hazel was out for a bathroom break when she noticed a poor, minuscule kittenstruggling to survive in the rain. And the adorable pup could not go back inside without guiding the kitten to warmth and safety.

Monica, Hazel’s owner, caught the act of cuteness on video. The clip shows Hazel happily darting out in the rain, greeting the kitten, and encouraging it to follow her inside.

At the start, Hazel trots behind the kitten and nudges it in the right direction. The pup continues to look back at the small furball to make sure it’s following her.

What makes this video extra adorable? How happy Hazel looks to rescue the kitten! She’s playfully moving around the kitten, seemingly determined to guide it home.

The kitten is obviously only a few weeks old, so it can’t move super fast. Thankfully, Hazel knew to check back on her new little animal friend to make sure it was moving along nicely! But it gets better.

When Hazel and her new friend reach the doorstep, the kitten has trouble getting up because it’s so tiny.So Hazel takes matters into her own hands and gently picks her new friend up!

And thanks to Hazel, the kitten now has a new home! Apparently, Monica’s brother loves cats, so he adopted the kitten, who inherited the name ‘Sheba.’ Take a look at our video to watch Hazel rescue Sheba!

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